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  • They encouraged me to try new things.
  • You can’t persuade him that you’re right.
  • You can’t force him to eat.
  • They didn’t force me — I wanted to go.

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Time Comes

Примеры использования

  • You’ll think differently about it when the time comes.
  • By the time we get there the meeting will be over.
  • I can probably make the time to see them.


Примеры использования

  • The matter is now in your hands.
  • You’re in safe hands now.
  • Could you give me a hand with the table, please?


on the one hand

Примеры использования
On the one hand, I’d like more money, but on the other hand, I don’t want to work longer hours.


Примеры использования

  • She’s just broken up with her boyfriend.
  • My car broke down yesterday.
  • I want to break out of my daily routine and do something exciting.


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