We had an argument with the manager about the bill.
взять, прихватить
Let's grab a sandwich before we go.
like crazy
как сумасшедший
I worked like crazy to get it done on time.
Her story didn't coincide with her sister's.
перебивать, прерывать
Please stop interrupting me!
Sorry to interrupt your dinner.
take risks
идти на риск, принимать риски
Sometimes, managers need to be prepared to take risks.
go on a diet
сесть на диету, начать диету
I decided to go on a diet.
решение, выход
There's no easy solution to this problem.
as far as I know
насколько я знаю, насколько мне известно
As far as I know, they are not coming to the party.
приносить извинения, извиняться
The airline apologized to passengers for the delay.

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прекрасный, великолепный
a gorgeous girl/man/view
to look gorgeous
отказывать, не хотеть
Jackie refuses to admit that she was wrong.
They refused to accept that there was a problem.
above all
прежде всего, в первую очередь
Above all, I'd like to thank everyone.
take advantage
использовать в своих интересах, воспользоваться, пользоваться, использовать (преимущество)
I think she takes advantage of their generosity.
feel guilty
чувствовать себя виновным, чувствовать вину
I feel very guilty about leaving her.
избегать, уклоняться
Try to avoid the city centre.
He avoided answering my question.
решение, средство (от)
So what is the remedy for this problem?
организовать, договориться
Have you arranged a meeting with them?
Let's meet at six, as arranged.
nowhere near
нисколько, ни капли, и близко не
I earn nowhere near enough for me in this job.
the case
дело, вопрос
If that is the case, we need more staff.
little by little
мало-помалу, тихо-тихо
My English is improving little by little.

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